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District 6 - Minnesota Hockey is a premier Minnesota Youth Hockey League. District 6 serves the south and the west metro area in the twin cities. Check to this website often for the latest news, scores, schedules, standings, results and more!


We are getting a lot of questions as to how the 1.5-minute minor penalty change impacts the Fair Play Point Threshold.

For purposes of the Fair Play Point, the 1.5 minute penalty will count as 2-minute penalty.  

Example:  A peewee team (FPP Threshold is 12 PIM) is assessed 7 minor penalties.  Even though the 7 minor penalties is equal to 10.5 PIM, for Fair Play Point purposes, those 7 minor penalties is equivalent to 14 PIM and that team would lose their FPP.

For additional information on rules and thresholds, please click on the link below.

District 6 moves to GameSheet for all games

We are excited to announce that Minnesota Hockey has adopted GameSheet for scoring of all games (league, scrimmages, and tournaments) for the 2021-22 season.

It is important to note that District 6 requires all League games to be scored using the GameSheet app.  For non-league games (scrimmages/exhibition games), the app is strongly encouraged.

For more information on GameSheet, please see the GameSheet page under the More+ tab on this site.

2022 Playoff Dates

Bantam AA Feb 21-25 (Dakotah)

Bantam A Feb 19-27 (Dakotah)

Bantam B1 Feb 17-27 (EP)

Bantam B2 Feb 25 – Mar 6 (Braemar)

Bantam C Feb 25 – Mar 6 (New Prague)


PeeWee AA Feb 25 (Pagel and Minnetonka A & B)

PeeWee A Feb 20-27 (Pagel and Minnetonka A & B)

PeeWee B1 Feb 19-27 (Burnsville)

PeeWee B2 Feb 23 – Mar 6 (BIG/Richfield)

PeeWee C Feb 25 – Mar 6 (Waconia)


Squirt A/B1/B2/C Mar 3-12 (BIG)


15A Feb 25 (Victoria)

15B Feb 21-25 (Victoria)

12A Feb 19-27 (BIG/Richfield)

12B1 Feb 20-27 (Shakopee)

12B2 Feb 27 – Mar 6 (Shakopee)

10A Mar 3-10 (Minnetonka A & B)

10B1 Mar 4-10 (Minnetonka A & B)

10B2 Mar 4-11 (Minnetonka A & B)


Process to cancel game right away and then reschedule the league games is.

  1. Log into your arbiter account, Find the game number I can not cancel unless I have a game number.
  2. Then you need to log into, (see reschedule form link above)
  3. Fill out the top half to cancel, in the middle of the form you will see Arbiters Game number remember that is a MUST to cancel.
  4. New Date put TBD and submit.
  5. This form will reach 4 different people.
  6. After you submit the League reschedule  form work with the other team to set up a new date then fill the form out again with all the new details on the new game.

I hope this helps

If you do not have a arbiter log in email me with your email address to use and your team information I will set you up. Just remember I must gave the 4 digit game number to cancel.

Thank you

Terri Loken

Brad Hewitt

District Director

Phone: 952-232-7970

Matt Schwalbach

District 6 President

District General Information

Goalie Shutout Wall

Submit your Goalie shutouts to the MN Hockey Shutout Wall

Region/State Goalie Forms

Replacement Form = you have no rostered goalie available and need to have one throughout post season.

Substitute Form = you have one rostered goalie available but want to carry two throughout post season.

Submit form via email.

District Scoresheet / Standings Questions



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Ryans Rink Rats Financial assistance to families & associations

Ryans Rink Rats Financial assistance to families & associations


Connecting Youth Sports for Good

Almost everybody has a story of sports impacting them in some way. Linklete is a place for our young athletes and parents to be inspired, encouraged, and mentored. We share many of the same experiences. It’s powerful to read firsthand accounts from others as they battled through their adversity.

District 6 League and Playoff History

D6 League and Playoff History has been added under the History tab.  You will notice that we are missing some historical data.  If you have this information, please email with that information.

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