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    District 6 - Minnesota Hockey is a premier Minnesota Youth Hockey League. District 6 serves the south and the west metro area in the twin cities. Check to this website often for the latest news, scores, schedules, standings, results and more!

    15UB Play In

    Play in brackets are located under the Playoff tab above.   Please make sure to bring scoresheet stickers to your games.  If you are using any substitute or replacement goalies these must be approved prior to the games by submitting to Joel Klute.  Contact information is on the bracket.  

    REGION FEES 2018

    Region tournaments will now have a pre-tournament team gate fee paid by participating teams, rather than an individual gate fee upon admission. Participants in Peewee/12U Regions must pay a $550 team entry fee and a $350 gate fee, for a total of $900 payable to the host prior to the tournament. At the Bantam/15U levels, the team entry fee for Regions will be $750, plus the gate fee, for a total of $1,100. 

    New Rules - PLEASE READ

    Concussion SafetyStarting in 2017-18 season, each coach shall complete concussion training on an annual basis and provide an acknowledgement form with proof of training to the association prior to participating in any team activities. The acknowledgement form and a list of concussion training options can be found here.

    A head coach or coach in charge of any team activity who has knowledge of a player sustaining a concussion or exhibiting concussion type symptoms shall complete a Minnesota Hockey Concussion Reporting and Return to Play form relating to the injury.  The form must be delivered to the team manager within 48 hours of receipt of information that a player sustained a concussion or exhibited concussion type symptoms. The team manager shall provide a copy of the report to the player’s parent or legal guardian. Until the completed Return to Play portion of the form is received by the team manager or coach, the coach and team manager shall ensure that the player does not participate in any team physical activities. The Minnesota Hockey Concussion Reporting and Return to Play form can be accessed here.

    Participation Rule ExceptionMinnesota Hockey has adopted an exception to its participation rule to better align its rules with the transfer rules of the Minnesota State High School League. Players enrolling in 9th Grade for the first time are now immediately eligible to compete at any division in their Association of School Attendance. For the complete participation rule, visit IV. Participation section of Youth Rules and Regulations in the Minnesota Hockey Handbook

    Mite/8U Rest Rules: For Mites/8U, the minimum amount of rest between team events has been reduced to 1.25 hours for on-ice activities of 60 minutes or less.  For half/cross-ice activities of 45 minutes or less, the minimum rest-time between activities can be reduced to 45 minutes and up to four on-ice team activities can occur in a day. These new rules are designed to facilitate and encourage Mite cross/half ice jamborees.

    Girls 15U Age Level: Minnesota Hockey has hosted a Girls 15U Pilot Program the past two seasons, and based on the data and feedback collected, the Board of Directors officially adopted the Girls 15 & Under (15U) age level in place of Girls 14 & Under (14U). Girls 14U playing rules will apply

    Playoff Dates 2018

    District Playoffs:

    Bantam AA: Start on 2/19/18 at Dakotah
    Bantam A: Start on 2/19/18 at Dakotah
    Bantam B1: Start on 2/18/18 at Braemar
    Bantam B2: Start on 2/22/18 at Shakopee
    Bantam C: Start on 2/24/18 at Burnsville
    PeeWee AA: Start on 2/20/18 at Chaska/Chan
    PeeWee A: Start on 2/18/18 at Victoria
    PeeWee B1: Start on 2/13/18 at New Prague
    PeeWee B2: Start on 2/21/18 at BIG
    PeeWee C: Start on 2/19/18 at Waconia
    15A: Start on 2/18/18 at Eden Prairie Community Center
    12A: Start on 2/17/18 at Pagel/Minnetonka A & B
    12B: Start on 2/16/18 at BIG

    Squirt Tournament starts  on 3/8/18 at BIG.
    10U Tournament  starts on 3/8/18 at Minnetonka A & B

    Brad Hewitt

    District Director

    Phone: 952-250-6431

    Pete Skophammer


    Phone: 952-237-4247

    District General Information

    District Scoresheet / Standings Questions



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    District 6 League and Playoff History

    D6 League and Playoff History has been added under the History tab.  You will notice that we are missing some historical data.  If you have this information, please email with that information.

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