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2024 Boys HP15 Phase 2 Tryout Results

Thank you to all of the players who participated in Phase 2 of the Spring HP15 program. After a very competitive Development Camp, the following 20 players have been selected to represent District 6 at the 2024 Minnesota Hockey Spring HP Festival:

J. Bloedow A. Botts T. Jackson
B. Chartier M. Dessner C. Nystrom
J. Clements E. Schultz  
G. Geyer C. Wang  
B. Haffer B. Wenkus  
O. Konrad M. Wenkus  
C. Nevers    
C. Russ    
F. Schneider    
R. Sorensen    
F. Spehar    
C. Taffe    

Selected players have also received an email with further instructions on registering for the next phase.

Alternates have also been selected and will be contacted about potential opportunities for the next phase if and when they become available.

2024 CCM Minnesota Hockey HP15 Program

The 2024 CCM Minnesota Hockey High Performance 15 Program is designed to provide players born in 2009 the opportunity to train and compete against players of similar age.

Players are nominated to tryout by their AA/A and High School coaches. The District will select and invite players based on nominations. Invites will be emailed in late February. A nomination alone does not guarantee an invitation to tryouts.

The purpose of the CCM High Performance Program is to identify, train, educate, and evaluate Minnesota's best hockey players. The competition throughout the program gives each player the opportunity to measure themselves against others in his age group, gain knowledge about his development and to be exposed to outstanding coaching.

  • Phase 1: Each District will invite a minimum of 40 candidates to participate in the trials to determine the top 30 players. 
  • Phase 2: The top 30 players from each district will participate in 10 skills training sessions by the district coaching staff. After the pre festival preparation, 20 players will be selected for each district team.
  • Phase 3: Four divisions of three teams each play a round robin preliminary two game schedule. The teams will then be seeded into a round robin format based on their record in divisional play. 
  • Phase 4: The spring festival will consist of three pools of four teams. The round robin format will have each team play three games in their pool. 102 Players will be picked after the games to participate in the Summer Development Camp in St. Cloud, MN at the SCSU campus.
  • Phase 5: 102 selected players participate in a weeklong training camp at St. Cloud State University. Housing and meals are provided. Six teams play a round robin schedule of games, attend dry land training sessions, and classroom sessions daily. The staff at the Summer Development Camp will be headed by Camp Director, Scott Dornfeld of Minnesota Hockey and will include prominent college and high school coaches teamed with current and former college hockey players to serve as coaches, role models, and counselors for each team.
  • Phase 6: The best players in the United States from all USA Hockey Districts team up with the best coaches in the USA to participate in a player development camp. All players are evaluated for possible future participation in National USA Hockey programs.

The Spring and Summer Festivals provide excellent opportunities for our players to be seen by junior, college, and NHL scouts. In addition, players have the opportunity to be evaluated for potential participation in national camps.

High Performance Staff

Ryan Evans

HP Boys 15 General Manager

Steve Maciosek

HP Boys 15 Coach