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2019-20 Playoff Brackets

District 6 Playoff Seeding

In the event there are teams tied at the end of the District 6 Regular Season, playoff seeds will be determined by the tie-breaker rule which can be reviewed in the 2019-20 District 6 Playoff Rules.

Important:  We cannot manipulate the standings on the website to accomidate our tie-breaker rules.  But the brackets are correct.


Mixed League Playoff Information

Here is how District 6 teams will be seeded for D6 playoffs and how the Minnesota Hockey Regional Seeds will be determined which District 6 teams compete in a Mixed League with other Districts.

Seeding for District 6 Playoffs:

  • Upon completion of regular season play, we will remove the non-D6 teams from the league standings. 
  • The D6 teams will be seeded according to the D6 Only standings.  Example:  The top D6 team will have the #1 Seed, the 2nd highest D6 team will be #2 Seed, etc....