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2020-21 Playoff Brackets

Important information about District 6 post-season

District 6 Playoff Information

Please note the following changes to the District 6 Playoff format and seeding to Minnesota Hockey Regional Playoffs.

District 6 will not host playoffs for levels that are advancing teams to Minnesota Hockey Regional Tournament.  That includes:  Bantam AA, Bantam A, Bantam B1, Peewee AA, Peewee A, Peewee B1, Girls 15A, Girls 15B, Girls 12A, and Girls 12B1

Teams will be seeded to Minnesota Hockey Regions  according to their final league standings.  

District 6 will host a smaller 8-team playoff for Bantam B2, Bantam C, Peewee B2, Peewee C, and Girls 12B2.  Those brackets are posted below.

Important to note: 

  • Teams must complete 80% of their scheduled league games.
  • Final league standings will be determined by winning percentage
  • Standings tiebreakers are as follows:
    1. Fair Play Points earned
    2. Head to head competition among the tied teams, determined by points (2 for a win, 1 for a tie, 1 Fair Play point).
    3. Most wins in League play.
    4. Fewest losses in League play.
    5. Largest goal differential among tied teams.
    6. Greatest quotient; goals for divided by goals against among the tied teams.
    7. Largest goal differential for all league play.
    8. Greatest quotient, goals for divided by goals against for all league play.
    9. Flip of a coin done by league official in the presence of the District Director.


Seeds to Minnesota Hockey Regions

For 2020-2021 season, District 6 will advance the following number of seeds to Minnesota Hockey Regions:

Bantam AA:  4  |  Bantam A:  2  ** |  Bantam B1:  2

Peewee AA:  5  |  Peewee A:  2  |  Peewee B1:  2

Girls 15A:  3  |  Girls 15B:  5  |  Girls 12A:  2  |  Girls 12B1:  2

** Bantam A:  District 6 has an opportunity to send a 3rd team to MH Regions.  The D6 3rd place team in league standings will have the opportunity to complete in a round robin play-in format with the two District 4 teams (Luverne & New Ulm Sleepy Eye).  The winner of the round robin event will advance to MN Hockey Regions as the #3 seed.  This event will be held in Marshall MN.  The D6 team will play both games on the same date to avoid having to travel twice.  Date and Times will be announced shortly.

Mixed League Playoff Information

Here is how District 6 teams will be seeded for D6 playoffs and how the Minnesota Hockey Regional Seeds will be determined which District 6 teams compete in a Mixed League with other Districts.

Seeding for District 6 Playoffs:

  • Upon completion of regular season play, we will remove the non-D6 teams from the league standings. 
  • The D6 teams will be seeded according to the D6 Only standings.  Example:  The top D6 team will have the #1 Seed, the 2nd highest D6 team will be #2 Seed, etc....